Younited: consumer reviews
Younited: consumer reviews

On the Trustpilot platform, consumer opinion specialist, Younited lists around 35,794 opinions (the most recent dating from June 2020) and obtains a score of 4.7/5. A rather positive observation, therefore, even if it is only a sample. What are the documents to provide to Younited? Can Younited be contacted by phone? Here is a small summary of the opinions to form your own opinion on Younited?

A credit commits you and must be repaid. Check your repayment capacity before you commit.

Younited: user reviews

When it was created in 2011, Younitedwhich was then called Union Loanoffered an alternative to the current banking model by allowing investors to directly and securely finance the projects of individual borrowers.

The organization wants to respond to a simple observation: low-risk savings products pay very little, while, on the other hand, borrowing rates are high. In particular the revolving creditswhose rates can go up to 20%. This led the platform to offer loans at competitive rates and which remunerate lenders fairly.

Moreover, while revolving credit often appears to be the solution for having a cash reserve at hand, this product remains expensive, not very transparent and often leads to over-indebtedness Household. Also, Younited has chosen not to include it in its product catalog, so as to remain completely transparent about its costs and the future of interests. It is also a way for the platform to secure its credit requests, by not granting "excessive" credit.

Did you know ?

According to data collected by Younited, the average age of borrowers is 50 years. 40% of borrowers are women, and 43% married.

Trustpilot reviews on Younited break down as follows:

  • 79% consider it "Excellent"
  • 16% give it the mention "Good"
  • 2% consider it "Average"
  • less than 1% find it "Low"
  • 2% consider it "Bad"

Here are some examples of customer reviews found on the Younited website:

I had a financial problem...

I had an urgent funding concern. I found in YOUNITED-CREDIT competent, understanding, friendly people when I did not understand a particular point, and above all very reassuring.
The follow-up of the operation was perfect, the announced deadlines were respected.
Everything was perfect

Younited is to be recommended...

Younited is recommended when you need occasional financial assistance.
The request is very simple to make on the internet and the funds are released quickly.

I highly recommend Younited

I highly recommend Younited
Speed, simplicity, efficiency.
I didn't believe it so much that it's simple compared to traditional banks.
Everything is done on the internet.
Once all the documents have been sent, we receive an answer within 24 hours.
I had my credit and the funds were paid to me quickly.
I was able to buy my car.
Thank you Younited.
As soon as I finish repaying this loan, I take another one.
GOODBYE banks.

From the sending of the file to the finalization...Perfect!

From sending the file to finalizing everything was more than perfect. Friendliness of the analyst who contacted us for details. Thanks to YOUNIYED who quickly and efficiently enabled us to carry out our project. A faultless one. Congratulations to the whole team.

While most customer reviews agree on the quality of service and the speed of funds release by Younited, others denounce what they consider to be application fees too high :


Positive point: easy to transmit the documents. Quick response which is much appreciated.
Negative points: total opacity of the service charges and the insurance contract which should be validated before signing to correct the amount borrowed.

Too much cost...

Too many fees...that is to say, we ask for a certain sum but we receive much less due to the costs of the loan.

Lack of clear information on fees withheld

Quick agreement and disbursement of funds. But lack of clear information on the fees that are deducted from the paid-up capital.

That is sure the most common complaint done at Younited. On this point, the platform specifies that the service charge correspond to the remuneration by Younited. Unlike "traditional" credit institutions, Younited reverses all capital and interest that you pay through your monthly payments to his Investors-Lenders.

Navigation, information, simulation: what is the Younited online platform worth?

On the form, Younited presents itself as any company of Consumer credit in line. There are offers of:

  • Personal loan,
  • Consumer credit,
  • car loan,
  • work credit,
  • but also solutions of repurchase of credit.

the revolving credit is not offered by Younited. This financing formula, which consists of a reserve of available money, is deemed too expensive and too risky for households.

With its secure internet platform, Younited connects individuals who wish to borrow from professional lenders. At Younited, lenders can be:

  • individual ;
  • legal persons (companies, insurers, foundations, pension funds, etc.).

Important : it is not because the lenders are not bankers nor brokerage specialists that they accept any file. The files submitted to Younited are subject to a rigorous and particularly detailed selection. In the end, alone a filer out of four is accepted. If Younited considers that the customer is not able to reimburse, the request is rejected.

The loan application on Younited: opinion

From subscription to release of funds, everything happens online with Younited. From the home page, the borrower selects:

  • the nature of his project;
  • the desired amount;
  • the duration of the credit;

Once its completed online loan applicationthe borrower is redirected to a page inviting him to enter:

  • his family situation (number of dependent children, etc.);
  • his accommodation (tenant, owners);
  • his professional situation;

As with any credit application, the borrower must provide proof of income. To do this, he now has two options:

This second option allows the platform to retrieve at sourceand the data of interest. A time saver of course, since it exempts customers from having to provide their payslips and their bank account details. But for many, the idea of ​​having to provide access codes to an online platform, even a secure one, is not very reassuring.

The information extracted from the history of his accounts allowing, again, the platform to recover the data necessary for the evaluation of his profile.

Did you know ?

Younited is to date the only intermediary in the field of credit to have been able to obtain the authorization of a credit institution providing investment services.

Younited: simulation

Before taking out a loan, individuals are strongly encouraged to perform a simulation, in order to quickly assess the feasibility of their project and avoid seeing their loan application refused. This is the first step in any credit application. The simulation makes it possible to know:

  • the interest rate of the Younited credit according to;
  • the amount of the loan;
  • the repayment term.

These elements are modular. On its website, Younited offers a simulator adapted to each type of credit:

  • Personal loan ;
  • Consumer credit ;
  • car loan;
  • work credit;
  • credit redemption.

To carry out the Younited simulation, simply go to the site and select the type of project you want, the amount and the duration you want. Younited then invites you to complete a quiz informing about your borrower profile. It is only at the end of this questionnaire that you will know the result of the simulation as well as the basic answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

🤝 Can Younited be contacted by phone?

Credit applications at Younited are all done online. Younited cannot be reached by telephone for a credit application. There is a phone number, but only available to people who are pre-accepted online. He can be reached from Monday to Friday, from 9:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

🤔 Who are the Younited partners?

Younited has developed a professional offer: Younited Business Solutions, marketed via its partners in the banking sectors, which are BPI France and N26 and provision of Internet access with Free.

🤔 What documents do you need to provide at Younited?

Like all credit institutions, Younited ensures the solvency of credit applicants through a certain number of supporting documents to be provided. The justificative documents are those required by law or in line with the practices of banking establishments :

  • ID
  • payslip
  • Tax notice
  • Proof of address
  • Account statement
  • Bank details
  • credit agreement

This list is not exhaustive, depending on your situation, you may have other documents to provide. You will find details of the supporting documents requested on the supporting documents download page (or on page 2 of the credit agreement offer sent by e-mail).

🤷 Who ensures recovery in the event of Younited's bankruptcy?

If Younited went bankrupt, the management of fund units would continue normally and would be provided by the fund management company, and the management of credit recovery would be provided by an external service provider specializing in this type of operation.

🤔 I want to apply to Younited, can recruitment be done online?

As with credit, recruitment at Younited is done... online. Since his careers page, the company posts job vacancies internally. You can filter search results by location, function, type of contract and working time.

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