Supporting documents, opinions, online simulation
Supporting documents, opinions, online simulation

Carrefour Bank offers different types of personal loans. This offer of unallocated credits is intended for a wide audience and makes it possible to finance several needs ranging from development work to the financing of studies. The loan amount is from 1,000 to 50,000€ over a period ranging from 12 to 84 months.

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Carrefour Bank Personal Loan Features

  • Rising : 1,000 – 50,000€
  • Duration : 12 – 84 months
  • Rate : 2 – 10%
  • Application fees : 0€

The Carrefour Bank personal loan

the Personal loan is a unaffected consumer credit (for which the organization does not expect proof) for a specific purchase, which is granted by a credit organization.

It aims to cover a personal expense and can be used to deal with different types of situations: financing a birth, purchasing household appliances after moving in, covering expenses related to a trip, etc.

It is poured once and can be used at any time. Its repayment is monthly and at a fixed rate. The borrower freely disposes of the amount borrowed and the use of the funds does not need to be justified.

Carrefour Banque offers several types of personal loans :

  • the work loan/ decoration (interior and exterior design)
  • the car loan (new or used vehicle)
  • The cash loan
  • The leisure loan
  • The travel loan

The table below summarizes the characteristics of Carrefour Banque's personal loan offer.

Carrefour Bank personal loan features
Rising €1,000 – €50,000
Duration 12 – 84 months
Rate 2 – 10%
Application fees 0€
Bring Nope

Carrefour Banque is a subsidiary of the Carrefour group which has existed for 30 years, it has a total of 3 million customers in France.

Carrefour Bank personal loans

The car loans and works allow you to borrow up to €50,000.

On the other hand, the cash loans, leisure Where travel have an amount between 3,000 and 38,000€. The repayment period is between 12 and 84 months.

They make it possible to face unforeseen expenses, to finance a project freely or to meet a need for cash.

Carrefour personal loan simulation

The table below offers several examples of personal loans taken out at Carrefour Banque, the amount of which varies between €5,000 and €30,000:

Rising Duration APR monthly payment Total amount due
5.000€ 24 months 9.80% 229€ 5.503€
10.000€ 36 months 2.20% 287€ 10.338€
20.000€ 60 months 2.50% 354€ 21.275€
35.000€ 84 months 4.90% 491€ 41.244€

It is possible to choose your monthly payments from the online personal loan application simulation. Once the contract has been signed and the loan financed, it is impossible to modify the amount of the monthly payments of your loan.

Take out Carrefour Bank personal loan

Carrefour Banque will only grant a personal loan to one person major and solvent.

You can apply for a loan in different ways:

  • By performing an online simulation on the Carrefour Banque website
  • By visiting a Carrefour Banque branch
  • By calling a Carrefour Banque advisor on the phone

A borrower registered in the Banque de France payment incident file (FICP) will generally have immense difficulty obtaining a personal loan. Carrefour Banque will carefully examine the file of the borrower who will have to present solid guarantees so that his request can be studied.


Unemployment personal loanIt is complicated for a unemployed to get a personal loan. Occasional unemployment benefits are not considered a fixed income. The Carrefour Banque adviser will examine the personal situation of the jobseeker client before making his decision.

Documents and supporting documents to be provided

Here is the list of supporting documents required to obtain a Carrefour Bank personal loan:

  • A valid ID
  • The last 2 payslips
  • Last imposition opinion
  • A Bank Identity Statement (RIB) and a checkbook
  • Proof of address


Borrow from twoIt is possible to have a co-borrower. It will have to be indicated following the online simulation. Supporting documents will be requested for both borrowers.

Deadlines for response and receipt of funds

In order to obtain a Carrefour Banque personal loan, you must perform an online simulation during which you are asked to indicate the amount of the loan and the amount of the desired monthly payments. Then, you will have to complete the online loan application form, indicating your personal information (profession, marital status, age, etc.).

A basic answer is given immediately after validation of the form. Thereafter, it will be possible to sign your personal loan contract online. This signature is fast and 100% secure. The sending of these supporting documents is also done online.

Once the complete file has been sent, Carrefour Banque undertakes to give a definitive answer as soon as possible. The organization claims that the transfer of the requested amount is made 8 days on average after the contract is final.

Carrefour Bank personal loan features

With the Carrefour Banque personal loan, the borrower benefits from several features: the deferral of monthly payments, early repayment and potential borrower insurance.

Postponement of monthly payments

By contacting a Carrefour Banque adviser, it is exceptionally possible to obtain a monthly payment deferral. This operation may be subject to management fees and modification of the following monthly payments.


It is possible to repay a personal loan in advance without charge. Reimbursement can be made partially or totally by contacting an advisor.

Borrower insurance

Following an unforeseen event, theborrower insurance makes it possible to take care of the remaining monthly payments of the personal loan. It covers the borrower against the following cases:

  • Death, Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy (PTIA)
  • Total Work Incapacity (ITT)
  • Job Loss
  • Failure to collect Alimony.

Borrower insurance represents a additional cost 1%-3% of the loan.

She is optional but recommended. The lender is not obliged to take out one from the lender. He is free to choose the insurer of his choice provided that the offer is equivalent to or superior to that offered by his lending institution.

Carrefour Bank personal loan review

Carrefour Banque offers a range of personal loans varied. The different loans available meet the different financing needs of customers, from travel plans, to leisure activities and the purchase of a car.

The online personal loan application is very simple and fast. A basic answer is given a few minutes after starting the online simulation. When a personal loan is contracted, the administration fees are offered, which gives a certain advantage over other credit organizations.

Carrefour Banque offers to make early repayment free of charge by contacting its adviser at any time. Nevertheless, it is not possible to modulate the amount of the monthly payments of the personal loan once the contract has been signed.

Carrefour Bank customer service contact

Carrefour Banque advisors are available in the “Reception & Services” area of ​​Carrefour stores and in Carrefour Banque branches.

  • You can reach an advisor at
  • You can contact Carrefour Banque customer service by email.
  • You can also send mail to the following address:

Carrefour Bank – Customer Relations Department
TSA 74116
77026 Melun cedex

The best consumer loans of the moment

Are with our partner FLOA Bank - €100 to €75,000 from 0.5% APR

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