Real estate loans, loan insurance, personal loans. CSF Group
Real estate loans, loan insurance, personal loans. CSF Group

Real estate loans, loan insurance, personal loans. CSF Group

The CSF Group committed to the heart of the Public Service


Groupe CSF - More than 2 million members
we know you

The CSF by your side
since 1955.

Groupe CSF - More than 2 million members
2 million members

since its creation.
Strength in numbers.

Groupe CSF - More than 2 million members

We adapt the offers to
your situation and your

Groupe CSF - More than 2 million members
A support

We you
accompany from the beginning
at the end of your project.





Groupe CSF: for a successful real estate project!

For your real estate project Take advantage of the expertise of CRÉSERFI advisors!

You want to buy a home and you know that it is an important project. It is often difficult to find your way through the steps to follow, especially when buying for the first time.

Before you start, learn about the different steps to allow you to start your real estate project with complete peace of mind.

Your CRÉSERFI adviser will be there to guide you step by step. Find the different steps not to be missed to make a successful property purchase and become the owner of your home.

Accommodation from A to Z Do you have questions for your real estate project? We have the right answers!

A credit solution whatever your project Because we know you well, we have selected offers that suit you

Groupe CSF: to properly protect your real estate project!

Borrower: Death - Disability - Incapacity insurance being well protected with CSF ASSURANCES means:

Stay covered even if you have a risky job or practice a risky sport

Remain covered even in the case of a return to work in therapeutic half-time

Take charge of the outstanding capital of his loan in the event of total permanent disability

As an option, be covered in the event of job loss

CSF Group: CSF Assurances to meet all your insurance needs!

Our insurance solutions to protect all your projects

Whether it is to insure your mortgage, your home, your car, your motorcycle or even your pet, CSF Assurances and CRÉSERFI offer you a complete range of insurance with formulas adapted to your needs.

Realize all your projects with the offers of the moment

CSF Group: discover the services of the CSF Card!

CSF Card At the service of the whole family

By joining the CSF Association, you benefit from the expertise of credit, savings and insurance professionals. Since 1955, more than 2,000,000 members have placed their trust in us, because the strength of the CSF... is strength in numbers!
In addition, the CSF card allows you to benefit from many services that will help you on a daily basis but also in the important stages of your life.

What is the CSF Group?

At the heart of public service, the Social Credit of Civil Servants has been the association alongside civil servants and similar for more than 65 years. The CSF Group selects and negotiates credit, savings and insurance solutions. More than 2,000,000 members have shared, since its creation, its values ​​of transparency and solidarity.

They trust us ekomi Silver 04/08/2022 at 5:48 PM ‟ Positive and effective experience, because the dedicated staff is competent and has a good knowledge of real estate financing as a whole. Concrete expertise without hesitation, good follow-up and excellent listening skills. Simplified process and quick results. Experience to remember and spread.. ” ★★★★★ 5 / 5

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