Online loan: which site to choose?
Online loan: which site to choose?

Do you need cash available quickly to finance your projects? Like many individuals, your first instinct was to open your computer or smartphone and send a query to search engines. In less time than it takes to say it, you are bombarded with offers such as "immediate online loan", "fast online credit", "without proof of salary", and other beautiful marketing promises that do not engage than those who believe in it. Digitization of services obliges, to file an application for a personal loan, allocated or not, on the Internet has become commonplace, and a good backup solution in case of emergency. You still need to know on which site Climb directs you to the safest sites.

The classics: Cofigoga, Cofidis, Cetelem

Present on the credit market well before the arrival of the Net, these three organizations are among the pillars of consumer credit in France. It is not uncommon to come across them in department stores but also on merchant sites. Indeed, e-commerce sites that offer users pay for their purchases in installments, via their credit partners. By going through these sites of online credityou can be assured of reliable, quality service, as well as a wide range of products.

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The fruit of the "Trente Glorieuses", the Compagnie Financière des Nouvelles Galeries (the Galeries Lafayette Group), better known as Cofinoga, is one of the credit leaders in France. Now a subsidiary of the group BNP Paribas Personal Finance, Cofinoga is recognized by individuals for its professionalism and the quality of its services. Its offer includes a wide choice of loans, insurance and provident solutions.

What does Cofinoga offer?

Type of creditCar loanWork creditRevolving creditCredit redemptionPersonal loan
Minimum APR 1%1%8%5.39%1%


Since its creation in 1982, Cofidis has been a major player in the consumer credit market. Specializing in online financing, Cofidis offers a wide range of services for individuals, including in particular: personal creditsrevolving credits, repurchase of credits, insurance and pension solutions.

What does Cofidis offer?

Type of creditCar loanWork creditRevolving creditCredit redemptionPersonal loan
Minimum APR 1.69%1.69%8%5.70%1.69%


Cetelem is the oldest consumer credit organization in France, created in 1953. Leader in the European consumer credit market, Cetelem offers a full range of financing solutions, banking services, insurance, savings accounts and contracts. of foresight. It also belongs to the BNP Paribas group.

What does Cetelem offer?

The range of loans and the rates offered by Cetelem are similar to those of Cofinoga, except that Cetelem does not offer repurchase of credit. Cetelem offers do not include application fees, which is an advantage for the borrower. With regard to revolving credit offers, the brand declines its offer according to several formulas. Depending on the amount borrowed and the duration of the credit, the revisable APR can vary between 3.90% and 20.27%.

Type of creditCar loanWork creditRevolving creditPersonal loan
Minimum APR 1%1%8%1%

Subsidiaries of major brands: Banque Casino, Carrefour Banque

In order to retain their customers, large retailers have established themselves in the consumer credit market.

Bank Casino

Created in 2001, Banque Casino is a double subsidiary, belonging equally to the Casino group and to the Credit Mutuel CIC. Initially, the Casino group created Banque Casino for the sole purpose of marketing its prepaid and private cards. Gradually, Banque Casino has developed its range of products: it includes personal loans, revolving credits, repurchase of credits, means of payment and insurance. On the other hand, Banque Casino does not offer credit redemption.

What does Banque Casino offer?

Type of creditCar loanWork creditRevolving creditPersonal loan
Minimum APR 2.20%2.20%3.00%1.00%

Carrefour Bank

Carrefour Banque is a subsidiary of the Carrefour group created in 1981. As a specialist in insurance and financial products, Carrefour Banque offers assigned loans.

What does Carrefour Bank offer?

Type of creditCar loanWork credit
Minimum APR 0.90%0.90%

The pure web players: Younited, Boursorama, BforBank

Born with the new generation web, these structures are completely dematerialized. With them, there are no advisors, no appointments with the bank, no documents to print: everything is done online, from the simulation to the release of funds. A very practical solution in the event of an unforeseen event, as it saves time.


Formerly Union Loan, Younited stands out from other players in the credit market. In fact, it is a FinTech, a fintech startup. The concept is based on the model of equity loans. The platform connects investors with large funds with individuals looking for a loan.

What does Younited offer?

Type of creditReal estate loanPersonal loanCar loanWork credit
Minimum APR X0.90%0.90%0.90%


Subsidiary company 100% Web of the group Societe GeneraleBoursorama was created in 1995. One of the market leaders, Boursorama Banque offers the same services as a network bank (opening of accounts, savings products, transfers, etc.) but also a range of real estate loansconsumer credit and credit redemption.

What does Boursorama offer?

Type of creditReal estate loanPersonal loanCredit redemptionAdvance on securities
Minimum APR 1.65%0.95%X0.75%


Founded in 2009, BforBank is a bank 100% online from Crédit Agricole.

What does BforBank offer?

Type of creditReal estate loanPersonal loanCar loanWorks loan
Minimum APR 1.72%1.90%2.50% 2.50%

How do I know if the site is secure?

Before applying for Personal loan, car, works, etc. you need to make sure the lender is 100% reliable, especially if you choose not to go through a reputable agency. Some signs should alert you :

  1. It does not have a certified mark. Check that the organization you deal with or that the person offering their services are registered with theOrganization for the single register of intermediaries in insurance, banking and finance (ORIAS). This is the official register of banking and insurance players. If the site asks you for data, ask to see the CNIL declaration.
  2. He asks you for money. It is strictly forbidden to ask for money to obtain credit. If the site asks you for a deposit or an application fee, close the page.
  3. The spelling is questionable. Credit scam ads are often filled with spelling mistakes.

Also, beware of sites that claim too much or not enough information. When we talk about demand for credit without proofwe usually hear "without proof of the use of the money" and not "without proof of salary". A serious lender will require you at least proof of income or tax notices. On the other hand, here is what no site has the right to ask you:

  • the name of your employer;
  • the age of your children;
  • your sexual orientation;
  • your gender identity;
  • your religious beliefs;

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Frequently Asked Questions

🤷 Which site to get the fastest credit?

Designed to meet the expectations of the most pressing users, dematerialized services are the most likely to provide you with an answer and a fast credit. These structures were born with generations X and Y, always more connected and in search of immediacy. With Younitedthe credit application is made online and gives rise to information “ in real time » of each step in the processing of the file, which the borrower can receive:

by text message

by email

on the customer area.

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