Online credit advice and tips for getting the best rate –
Online credit advice and tips for getting the best rate –

online credit advicerequest a online credit is usually the easiest and most effective way to get a good APR rate, but above all a quick response. However, our opinion on online credit is not the same for all organizations. We will see that there are significant differences in rates, as well as several criteria to differentiate between specialists. Everything you need to know before borrowing online.

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Online credit advice: should organizations be trusted?

Online credit, represented by organizations such as Sofinco, Cofidis or Cetelem, has several advantages:

  • Compare consumer credit APR rates in minutes
  • Possibility of obtaining an immediate first opinion, thanks to a credit comparator
  • Fast online creditthanks to simplified processing of supporting documents (electronic signature in certain cases)
  • No application fees

In everyone's opiniononline credit specialists continue to widen the gap against banks or dealers, taking advantage of the emulation generated by the competition. There are indeed more than a dozen credit organizations. All of them offer personal loan, car loan or even small revolving credit solutions accessible to all individuals. With the obvious exception of Banque de France (FICP) files.

The possibility of obtaining an opinion from instant online credit is one of the main advantages of organisms.

Banks totally overwhelmedonline credit advice

Banks generally issue consumer loans only to their customers. This is a real thorn in the side for consumers. It is almost unthinkable to change banks for a simple need for consumer credit.

Still dominant in the mortgage sector, traditional or online banks only offer consumer credit to complete their offer. Loans issued by banks are also only accessible to customers whose account management is impeccable. The banker has a particular eye on monitoring finances. For a search of easy creditit is better not to rely too much on your banker… This constraint only reinforces our positive opinion on online credit.

The last two payslips and the last tax notice are generally enough for online credit agencies to grant a loan. The online credit tax notice is not even claimed in the case of small revolving credit.

Practical tip: any credit request of 4,000 USD or less made from our comparator automatically directs you to the best revolving credit solutions.

► Access the comparison of consumer credit rates

Notice: credit online or at a car/motorcycle dealership?

Dealerships compete with online credit agencies by all offering their own auto credit or LOA solutions. Attention : online credit rates are generally much more attractive than those of manufacturers. We recommend always carrying out a first comparison of online credit immediate response to assess its borrowing capacity, and thus much more easily refuse an offer at the much too high APR rate offered by the car or motorcycle brand. Opting for an online credit is in our opinion always more profitable than giving in to a loan from a builder.

Opinion: online credit yes, but not without comparing

All the interest of online credit is based in our opinion on the use of a credit comparator. It allows to extract the solutions of cheap credit, but above all to immediately eliminate the offers to avoid. Comparators took up a lot of space in all areas. Unfortunately, they are not always based on concrete facts. Impossible to make a mistake when it comes to online credit: only the APR rate is authentic.

Online credit simulations and reviews

APR rates vary greatly from one organization to another, including between the best – or best known – on the market. Illustration with a quick comparison from our comparator. We have chosen to compare a 10,000 USD loan in the form of a personal loan, opting for a repayment period of 48 months. Some traditional bank rates have been added to this comparison, to make it as complete as possible.

► Access the rate comparison

– Comparison made in September 2019 –

Our opinion: online credit is much more interesting than bank credit. However, we notice significant APR rate differences between top organizations. It is strongly recommended to use a comparator to avoid paying too much interest.

How to use our credit comparator?

Our opinion on online credit finds almost nothing but advantages, on the sole condition of knowing how to compare rates. Let's see how to use our comparator. A tool guaranteeing both a ranking of the best consumer credit rates, but also an immediate response in principle from the best.

Online credit application step by step

  1. Fill in your project, the amount and the desired repayment credit advice
  2. Complete the credit questionnaire in four simple steps.
  3. The ranking of the best APR rates of the day is displayed, and the first credit agency is questioned immediately
  4. A favorable opinion results in an acceptability > 50%. Confirmation of the request (without obligation) is then sent by email within 24 hours.
  5. In the event of a dossier under study or of very low acceptability (< 5%), it is possible to query the organizations ranked in 2nd and 3rd position with a single click.

Our comparator is connected in real time to the best online credit organizations, allowing you to obtain an immediate opinion. No unpleasant surprises regarding the APR rate. A easily accepted online credit is a very big step towards obtaining your loan, provided that the supporting documents correspond with the information entered in the form.

► Start a simulation without commitment

Reminder : any online credit grants a 14 day cooling off period. Contracts systematically include a withdrawal slip provided for this purpose. All you have to do is return it by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt within the time limit to exercise your right.

Written by Simon Collie
On 09/22/2019
Modified on 13/11/2019

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