Money: should you succumb to online mortgages?
Money: should you succumb to online mortgages?

After the bank card and the online savings account, place to mortgage. To inflate their number of customers, 100% Web banks are entering this market, considered the number one loss leader in this sector. Today, there are therefore six different offers with Boursorama, Fortuneo, Hello Bank, Axa Bank, ING Direct and BforBank, freshly arrived on this key market.

Like the current accounts already offered by these dematerialized establishments, simplicity is the key word with an interest rate clearly displayed on the sites. For more precision, it is possible in two steps three movements of the mouse to know its borrowing capacity, the suggested monthly payments, the necessary contribution, the cost of the loan...

A simple and fast service that traditional establishments now also offer on their sites. But in their case, it is only an estimate of the sums to be committed, it is not possible to avoid the meeting with a banker which can take several hours, unlike online banks where everything is done from his computer.

So much for the information. Then comes the passage to the act which leads to a specific commercial proposal. If, with call rates, there are few surprises, the final offer is generally refined by a few tenths. “The rates are in the average of what we find elsewhere”, observes Maël Bernier, spokesperson for the online broker.

The real financial gain is made on the extras with administration fees offered, direct debit of income - your main account - which is not compulsory, early repayments which are not penalized. Nor is it necessary to have a personal contribution.


“The only obstacle is that for some people it is unthinkable to carry out the procedures on the Internet. They need someone in front of them, ”says Maël Bernier. Online banks therefore offer teams of “experts” available over long time slots. If assigning a particular advisor to a client is difficult, it is however possible to have someone on the phone quickly. For those caught up in the speed of execution and who regret their choice, the ten-day withdrawal period also applies to online banks.

But "not everyone can access these offers," says Serge Maître, president of the French Association of Bank Users (Afub). Indeed, depending on the establishments, you must already be a customer, borrow at least €80,000 or €100,000, the construction of a home is not planned and it is not possible to request a set-up with a fixed-rate loan. zero, employer funding or the use of a PEL. Other downsides, the duration of the credit cannot exceed twenty-five years, and its amount 1 or 1.5 M€. Finally, the guarantee is limited to the Housing Loan, i.e. a guarantee provided by the financial company of the same name in the event of default in payment.

First to launch into this sector in 2010, Boursorama stands out, with “offers that come closest to traditional banks, says Serge Maître. It will move, and we will get closer to traditional banks. For Maël Bernier, the observation is simple: “The more offers there are, the better it is for the consumer”. The watchword is simple: to your keyboards.

Ten days of withdrawal period after having subscribed to a loan.


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