Home loan with an online bank: opinion and comparison
Home loan with an online bank: opinion and comparison

The essentials in a nutshell

Online banks have been around since the 2000s. Their completely dematerialized mode of operation struggled to gain the trust of the French at first. Today, this is no longer the case. Consumers increasingly favor online banking. Fast, practical, inexpensive: their strengths are numerous. The explosion in the use of smartphones also has a lot to do with their success.

Online banks are expanding their banking service offerings and now offer home loans on favorable terms.

Between the online banks and traditional banks, the supply of mortgages is plentiful. It has never been easier to find financing for your real estate project. But among all these offers, it can be difficult to navigate.

This is why we should not hesitate to be accompanied by a broker. This credit professional knows the specifics of the real estate market and will find the most suitable mortgage formula for your needs.

Online banking home loan
Should you go through an online bank for your mortgage?

Is online banking interesting for taking out a mortgage?

Online banks have only been offering home loans for a few years in order to expand their offers and retain their customers.

Each online bank has its particular advantageous conditions to compete with traditional banks. You should inquire carefully so as not to miss the most interesting offer for you.

Online banking and traditional banking: what are the differences?

The most important difference between online banking and traditional banking is the dematerialization of the service. A traditional credit agency has branches where you can go to meet with an adviser. Online banking does not have premises to accommodate its customers. All exchanges are made by:

  • phone ;
  • E-mail ;
  • instant messaging.

You must therefore use a smartphone or a computer to access online banking services.

The dematerialization of banking services allows online banks to offer lower prices than traditional banks. In order to compete with traditional banks, online banks very often offer free application fees. Mortgage rates are, however, more difficult to negotiate with an online bank than when you go to a traditional bank.

Another difference between online banking and traditional banking is the complexity of the real estate purchase files they finance. Online banks tend to finance current real estate projects, such as the purchase of a primary or secondary residence. Traditional banks accept more complex real estate projects such as loan buybacks or rental investment.

Finally, it should be noted that the conditions of access to real estate loans are stricter on the side of online banks.

Summary of the differences between online banking and traditional banking:

Features online bank Traditional bank

Possibility to go to an agency


Day-to-day banking services



Real estate loan



Accessible by a broker



Application fees


Complex real estate project


Going through an online bank for your mortgage: advantages and disadvantages

The offers of online banks are often attractive, but the most important thing is to find the most suitable offer for your project. It is therefore necessary to think carefully about the advantages and disadvantages before taking out a mortgage with an online bank.


Online banks do not have advisers or branches. They therefore bet everything on the speed and efficiency of their dematerialized Customer Service. Their apps are also well-built and allow full management of phone banking.

Thanks to the dematerialization of services, online banks can offer competitive rates. The application fees for opening a mortgage are low, if not zero. The rates offered are attractive and you can often lower them by agreeing to direct your income to the online bank that grants you the loan.


Real estate loans are, most of the time, only open to standard real estate projects ; that is to say a plan to buy a main or secondary residence for an amount greater than €50,000. Only a few online banks offer financing of less than €50,000 for real estate.

Then, rental investments are often not eligible for financing from online banks. The same goes for loan redemptions, bridging loans or the purchase of land or new housing off-plan.

Some online banks support zero rate lending, but not the majority so far. Finally, for most online banks, it is necessary to already be a customer to be able to take out a mortgage.

Below is a summary of the pros and cons of home loan offers from online banks:


Most :

  • Fast and efficient customer service
  • Interesting rate
  • Low or zero application fees

The lessers :

  • No support for real estate projects below €50,000
  • Unsupported zero rate loan
  • Loan often not eligible to finance a rental investment, or a complex real estate project

What is the best online bank to make your mortgage?

You have a real estate project and you are looking for a loan. The dematerialization of exchanges does not scare you. So you think about going to online banks. But which one to choose?

Choose your bank according to your profile

There is no ready answer to the question " which online bank offers the best mortgage? ". Indeed, each online bank has its specificities. It will suit some borrowers, but not all.


Borrowing Council

To choose the right bank for your mortgage, the important thing is tocompare offers and to choose according to your profile and your real estate project.

Ask yourself: how long do you want to borrow? What is the amount of your contribution? What investment do you want to make? There are many questions to ask yourself before making a real estate purchase. A broker can assist you in your efforts.

Comparative table of online banks for a mortgage:

Here is a summary of the main French online banks and the main conditions for subscribing to their mortgages:

online banks Application fees Loan amount Duration of the loan Type of investment Early repayment indemnities

Application fees

Over €100,000

Between 7 and 25 years old

Any type of investment


No application fees

Between €80,000 and €1,500,000

Between 8 and 25 years old

Main and secondary residence, loan redemption


No application fees

Between €80,000 and €2,000,000

Between 7 and 25 years old

Main and secondary residence, rental investment



Between €10,000 and €2,000,000

Between 2 and 30 years old

Any type of investment


No application fees

Loan of €30,000 to €480,000

Between 5 and 25 years old

Main and secondary residence


No application fees

Between €80,000 and €1.6 million

Between 7 and 25 years old

Main and secondary residence Rental investment


Why call on a real estate broker to make your choice?

There are many mortgage offers available. Subscription conditions vary from bank to bank. It's hard to find your way around. An offer may seem tempting, but are you sure it's the best offer? Do you have a good knowledge of all the conditions of the mortgage offer that interests you?

If you are unsure or if you need help to see things more clearly, use a broker like Empruntis. Indeed, a broker advises you on home loans from online banks and, above all, it saves you time.

The broker is there to compare mortgage rates and bring competition. Its objective is to offer you the most suitable mortgage offer for your situation. He is a real estate loan specialist, he knows perfectly the real estate loan offers on the market, whether those of traditional banks or those of online banks. It establishes a personalized financing plan according to your profile and your project and negotiates with its partner banks. It helps you build your mortgage file and accompanies you until the funds are released.

So you increase your chances offind the right mortgageby choosing to be accompanied by a broker.

Take advantage of our expertise at the best rate!

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