credit application, simulation and opinion
credit application, simulation and opinion

Younited Credit: an atypical player in the credit market

Younited Credit – formerly Prêt d'Union – is a French financial institution specializing in consumer credit. Since its creation in 2009, the brand has carried out several fundraising campaigns with renowned shareholders, such as Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, the Schibsted Le Bon Coin group and AG2R La Mondiale.

Younited Credit stands out from other market players with its atypical model. The brand is a platform for connecting investors with significant savings and individuals looking for credit. The principle is simple: the funds of some make it possible to directly finance the projects of others, thus offering a real alternative to the traditional banking system. Based on an innovative 100% online structure, Younited Credit has shown constant growth since its inception: 150,000 projects financed for a total amount of more than 1.2 billion euros!

The Younited Credit range consists of personal loans, loan buy-back, car loans, works or consumption.

Younited Credit: a clear and transparent loan offer

Whether it is to finance the acquisition of a new or used vehicle, the renovation or refitting of a home, the preparation of a trip or any other type of project, Younited Credit markets a car loan, a loan work and a personal loan enabling borrowers to borrow from €1,000 to €50,000. Their repayment period is between 6 and 84 months, and the amount of the installments remains constant throughout the credit. Fixed and determined when the contract is signed, the APR varies from 0.75% to 17.90% depending on the amount borrowed and the duration of the loan. The first monthly payment is due between 30 and 60 days from the date the funds are made available, and the following are debited on the 4th of each month.

Younited Credit personal loan

A personal loan is an "unallocated" credit, it does not correspond to the specific purchase of a good (car, motorcycle, real estate, etc.). Therefore, the personal loan is not triggered on presentation of an invoice as in the case of an "assigned" credit, but simply meets a cash need.

You are therefore free to use the credit amount as you see fit!

Calling on Younited Credit means benefiting from a depreciable personal loanat a fixed rate with constant monthly payments, without hidden costs and at the most competitive rates on the market between €1,000 and €3,000.

Younited Credit auto credit

Younited Credit offers a car loan allowing you to borrow from €1,000 to €50,000, exclusively dedicated to the purchase of a vehicle, new or used. This is an assigned credit, strictly intended to cover the purchase of a car, which secures the borrower since not obtaining the loan automatically cancels the purchase, and the same applies to the loan if delivery of the vehicle does not take place.

Thanks to one of the simplest online credit applications on the market and powerful analysis techniques, Younited Credit gives you an immediate answer in principle, and a definitive answer. in less than 24 hours if all the elements are provided.

Younited Credit works loan

Increasingly popular with households wishing to spruce up or renovate their home, the work loan is a type of personal loan that can be allocated solely to carrying out the work (roof, garden, electricity, kitchen, extension, painting, replacement of Windows…).

To find the most suitable work financing solution, Younited Credit invites you to take the time necessary to accurately estimate the total amount of your work, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises later. Once the study has been carried out, a few clicks will suffice to carry out a simulation and your credit application 100% online.

The revolving credit of Younited Credit

Even if it is sometimes tempting to take out revolving credit, you should know that despite its flexibility, this type of loan can be extremely harmful for your cash flow and your debt ratio. This is why Younited Credit has chosen not to sell this type of credit.

Instead, Younited Credit offers small 100% repayable loans at a fixed rate and very competitive. You thus have the possibility of calmly planning the repayment of your credit, without any surprises, which is not the case for revolving credit.

The repurchase of credit with Younited Credit

To facilitate the management of several loans and reduce or simplify their different monthly payments, Younited Credit offers the repurchase of credits, that is to say the grouping in a single direct debit of all the maturities. Operating on the same principle as a consumer credit, its repayment period is between 6 and 84 months. The fixed APR again varies from 0.75% to 17.90% depending on the amount concerned and the number of monthly payments retained.

Subscribing to a credit redemption with Younited Credit allows you to benefit from a single and reduced monthly payment. This formula is particularly suitable for individuals wishing to improve their financial situation, prepare new projects or save money thanks to a better interest rate.

How to take out a loan at Younited Credit?

Whatever the type of loan contracted, Younited Credit provides subscription directly online. Thanks to a loan application form accessible on the brand's website, it is possible to receive an immediate response in principle. A final proposal is issued within 24 hours of receipt of the complete file, and the electronic signature makes it possible to validate the offer remotely. The capital is then paid in the week following the conclusion of the contract.

Via its secure Internet platform, Younited Credit offers its customers the opportunity to borrow from its community of investors – individuals, companies, insurers, foundations, pension funds, etc. – by creating an optimal circulation of financial flows between lenders and subscribers. The brand is remunerated in the form of service fees, which are deducted when the funds are made available. This sum makes it possible to cover the salary costs of Younited Credit, as well as the costs of processing each file.

How to do a credit simulation with Younited Credit?

Nothing's easier ! From the Younited Credit site, from the home page, but also on each product tab, you can make a online credit simulation in just a few minutes. To do this, simply fill in the form with the type of credit desired, the amount and its duration, as well as information on your personal situation to offer you the best offers. The simulation is of course free and without obligation.

Following the online study, you can, if you wish, choose the loan offer that suits you and continue the online credit process. Fast and secure, this formality saves time and quickly obtains any type of loan (car loan, work, personal or loan buy-back).

How to contact Younited Credit?

Although 100% online, Younited Credit offers several contact methods for all its current or future customers. FAQ, contact form or mail: how to contact Younited Credit?

Contact Younited Credit by phone

Younited Credit does not have a customer service that can be reached by phone. Indeed, Younited Credit is an online platform and as such, offers a very complete FAQ : “80% of our customers found an instant answer by consulting this detailed section” promises the site.

If you can't find the answer to your question, Younited Credit has developed an intelligent contact form that provides you with information, even partial, instantly. And if you want more information, you can write your personal message.

What is the address of Younited Credit?

Younited Credit services are 100% based in France. The company's mailing address is:

24 rue Chateaudun

75009 PARIS

Younited Credit: consumer reviews

Above all, Younited Credit customers appreciate the uniqueness of its operation and its values ​​of simplicity and transparency. By financing the projects of some through the investment of others via its website, the brand considerably reduces complexity and costs compared to the traditional banking network.

Therefore, Younited Credit is able to display attractive rates of return for lenders, and attractive APRs for borrowers. The objective of Younited Credit is therefore to offer a mutualist system: consumer credit is thus clarified, and savings are more useful and profitable.

On the other hand, the various loan formulas marketed by Younited Credit do not cover all the needs. Indeed, the maximum amount that it is possible to borrow is €50,000, which may prove to be insufficient in the context of certain projects, such as for example the complete renovation of a dwelling or the purchase of a collectible car. Similarly, repayment can only be spread over 6 to 84 months, ie a credit period of 7 years at most.

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