car loans, consumption, personal, buyback and loan simulation
car loans, consumption, personal, buyback and loan simulation

For example, for a Personal Loan of €12,000 over 72 months, you repay 72 monthly payments of 190€ excluding optional insurance. The total amount due is €13,680.00. Global Effective Annual Rate (APR) fixed at 4.501%, fixed lending rate of 4.411%. The monthly cost of the optional insurance is €12.75 and is added to the monthly payments above. The Effective Annual Rate of Insurance (TAEA) is 2.387%. The total amount due under the insurance is €918.00. Offer based on applicable rates for the current period and subject to extension. Learn more.

Sofinco makes your projects smarter

  • receive the funds

    An immediate response in principle(1)

    Don't wait any longer to make your projects a reality, get an answer in principle in 5 minutes

  • Subscribe online

    Alone or accompanied

    Benefit from personalized support, take out your credit online(2) or with the help of our advisors

  • simple management

    Simplified management

    Manage your loan and your repayments easily from your customer area

  • a loan adapted to your needs

    100% flexible(3)

    Pause your monthly payments or adapt their amounts to deal with unforeseen events

Sofinco helps you realize your desires

What is your project ?

Wedding Credit

Marriage credit

Our complete guide to prepare for D-Day


calculate my work loan

The keys to my financing

Our financing solutions


To finance all your projects

Do you want to finance a project, redo your house, change your car, go around the world...? With the Sofinco Personal Loan, borrow the desired amount and define a repayment adapted to your budget.

Discover the PERSONAL loan
image illustrating the different projects achievable with the sofinco personal loan

Revolving credit

For your small loans

Would you rather like occasional or regular financing for day-to-day purchases? With the Agile Renewable Credit you have a sum of money from 150 € to 6000 € usable all year round. (1)

Discover revolving credit
image illustrating the agility of Sofinco revolving credit

Credit redemption

To consolidate all your credits

Do you have several loans (personal, car, etc.) and would you like to be able to manage them more easily? With the repurchase of Sofinco credit, consolidate all your loans in the same place and pay a single monthly payment. (4)

image illustrating the repurchase of credit

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