Can you take out a home loan without a tax notice?
Can you take out a home loan without a tax notice?

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The tax notice is part of the mandatory document for obtaining mortgage financing. It is therefore not possible to validate the release of funds without providing this mandatory document to the bank.

Supporting documents

Banks that offer mortgages will list a number of documents that the borrower must provide as part of his mortgage application. Among these documents, we obviously find the payslips, account statementsthe possible current credit documents but also the tax notice. This document makes it possible, among other things, to take into account all household income as well as dependents, information which, even if provided by the applicant, must be justified. by an official document. This check is particularly rigorous in the context of a home loan since the amounts borrowed are relatively large, just as the durations are particularly long.

The banks do not take any risk on the financing of a mortgage, it is for this reason that they will require a number of documents from the borrower. Obviously, these documents are only mandatory in the context of the instruction of a mortgage file. When the candidate wishes to obtain a first estimate, it is not necessary to provide all supporting documents.

Simulate your mortgage without documents

The real estate loan simulation is an important step which will make it possible to measure the feasibility of a real estate purchase project for a borrower. The simulation will make it possible to estimate the repayment capacity of the borrower as well as the maximum amount that he can obtain under a home loan. Construction project, purchase of a house or financing of an apartment, the project can be taken into account in a precise way. The Borrower may provide all information relating to its financial situation and his project via the online simulator. No need to provide the tax notice at this stage, the simulation will be based on the client's declaration.

This step is important and it will allow the borrower to easily plan for the acquisition of real estate, especially when the feasibility is checked. It is quite possible to entrust this mission to a brokerage firm, these are bank intermediaries who will position themselves between financial institutions and borrowers wishing to concretize their housing purchase project. The interest is both win time in its procedures but also take advantage of the broker's expertise to negotiate preferential terms. Choice of guarantee, cost of insurance or interest rate, all these elements require a wise look.

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