Analysis of negative Customer Reviews on Younited
Analysis of negative Customer Reviews on Younited

Investigation about Younited Credit: our opinion on the bankless credit solution from a 100% made in France startup. What customers say and feedback from tests of its main weaknesses.

Finally know what to think of the Younited Credit offer:

Our opinion on Younited

The startup Younited offers consumers innovative credits since 2011. Initially, from the loans between individualsthen via professionals but always without going through the bank.
Younited has established smart partnerships : N26, Free, Bpifrance … which guarantees a good development.
It is therefore credit that makes it possible to leave the world of banks and return the interest to the real economy.

For the private individual, the rates are attractive and evolve according to the promotions of the moment. The call rate (excluding promotion) is 0.75%. To consult the promotional rates, it is preferable to consult the site directly Younited Credit. The response is quick (24 hours), the process fully online and the customer follow-up based exclusively in France.

ComparateurBanque validates the offer of Younited Credit.

Even if there are few negative opinions on this FrenchTech player, we wanted to know and understand the problems encountered by customers. We focused on negative ratings. Our analysis is below.

What do customer reviews say?

We have studied and dissected the opinions found on the internet about Younited.

In the opinions left by Internet users, we wanted to understand the main obstacles that are at the origin of the negative opinions. Our analysis is below.

This study is based on 29,634 reviews in total which are all from TrustPilot.
Reviews on TrustPilot are not always friendly. Yet this time, the customers are unanimous and give an excellent opinion with 4.5 stars out of 5.
Only 2% of the ratings are between 1 and 2 stars.
We also consulted the forum of 60 million consumers where the opinions are negative. But they are not counted or classified.

We have taken stock of the negative opinions and taken the most significant ones.
We in turn tested the Younited offer to find out what was going on and here is our assessment.

Focus on the negative opinions left on Younited:

The application fees are too high and it is not clear in the contract: You have to put it into perspective with the overall offer and read the contract carefully.

" Quick agreement and disbursement of funds. But lack of clear information on the fees that are deducted from the paid-up capital. » Hubert on TrustPilot March 2019

Indeed, the service charges are not clearly indicated in the estimate.
There are no charges until credit is granted (luckily, shall we say!). However, it is clearly stated that Younited Credit deducts service fees from the amount borrowed. It is for this reason that people who have borrowed 2000€ only receive 1800€ for example. The fees are included in the APR.
When we say that it is necessary to relativize with the global offer, we think of the fact that Younited Crédit values ​​the responsible credit. Unlike banks and other specialized organizations, they do not offer revolving credit (revolving credit) which have exorbitant rates. Younited focuses on loans with competitive rates. From time to time, they even manage to have the best rate in the sector. All interest is returned to investors who lend their money. It is therefore normal that Younited generates remuneration.

Refusal of my credit application: Younited focuses on the best profiles

" I just performed a simulation on younited credit!!!! I'm 19, on a permanent contract, living with my parents, no other loan,
and :o !!!!! refuse !!!! » Jareby on the 60 M Consumer Forum Nov. 2016

Younited accepts credit applications from people who meet these 4 conditions:
Be between 18 and 80 years old,
Reside in metropolitan France (refusal of overseas territories and Corsica),
Not be banned from banking,
Have stable income.
Younited provides access to credit without going through the banks, but that does not mean that they accept everyone. Their model is based on the confidence that investors have in the choice of loan applicants. This selection is therefore very strict to avoid any inability to repay credit. If the investors are no longer repaying, they will no longer lend and there will be no more credit possible. To avoid this inconvenience, each file is analyzed in record time (24 hours) and yet in a thorough manner. If your answers and your profile pose risks, the credit will certainly be refused.

Who is Younited for?

Reminder of the Younited offer:

Younited is a very dynamic player in FrenchTech. It offers a 100% online credit solution without a bank. The response is fast in just 24 hours and without a bank. Rates are sometimes higher than elsewhere, but this is not the case all the time. There are special offers to grab.

The profiles concerned:

Younited's offer is vast and is aimed at:

  • Those seeking responsible financing (interest is reinjected into the real economy and rates are reasonable).
  • Those looking for smart financing (the rates are attractive).
  • People on permanent contracts who still have significant borrowing capacity.
  • Institutional investors wishing to invest sums in excess of 20 million euros.
  • Legal persons wishing to invest in term accounts (from 2 to 4 years) from €50,000 of investment.

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