3 Credit Sites Between Serious Individuals: Our Opinion
3 Credit Sites Between Serious Individuals: Our Opinion

When you want to borrow between individuals in France, it is difficult to sort out all the offers, and to find a reliable money lending site between individuals. Indeed, borrowing between individuals must be supervised, so as not to drift into breach of trust. To avoid scams, a personal loan between individuals must go through a serious site.

1️⃣ Younited Credit: serious credit organization for individuals in France

Younited Credit is an institution that connects a community of investors with individuals who want to apply for a loan online. It is possible to request Younited Credit for:

  • Buy a vehicle (make a car loan or apply for a motorcycle loan).
  • Take out a consumer loan: finance a wedding or any other special event, a trip, etc.
  • Borrow to do work.

The best online credit site?

Younited Credit is clearly at the top of the list of reliable sites for someone looking for a loan of money without going through a bank. It is approved as a credit institution. This approval provides security for the transactions carried out.

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A loan of up to €3,000 in less than 24 hours

My opinion on Younited Credit

➡ This 100% online credit is easy to obtain: the request is made online and the response arrives in less than 24 hours. If it is positive, the money will be paid to you in “express” mode.

➡ There are no hidden costs: it's a fixed rate credit that has a repayment term (it's not a revolving credit).

➡ The interest rate is competitive.

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2️⃣ Babyloan: micro-credit between individuals

Babyloan is a community of individuals who support micro entrepreneurs, in a solidarity way, by lending free money to those who need it to develop their business.

Many people have thus come out of precariousness by creating their own business, capable of supporting them, in France and around the world.

How does Babyloan work?

On Babyloan.org, the first step when you are an individual who wants to get involved is to choose a project. This choice is personal, and regardless of the motivations. They are of course different for everyone.

You are free to finance a project according to your means. It is possible to make a donation from €20, so everyone can participate in the collective effort and support the local economy.

The money is then paid to the entrepreneur who was chosen before the donation, who can develop his activity allowing him to repay the loan.

The repaid money is then returned, without interest, to the individual who made the credit. The latter is free to recover his capital or reinvest it in other projects.

How to get a loan with Babyloan?

For those who need money to launch their project, you must start by applying to an association that works with Babyloan.org.

They are different depending on the country, for France, it is Créa-Sol, whose mission is to fight against banking exclusion, and to contribute to economic development.

Créa-Sol allows those who are rejected by banks to find answers to their financing needs. Microcredit is therefore not only reserved for developing countries, but it is also possible to subscribe to it in France.

My opinion on Babyloan

➡ Solidarity loan organizations between serious individuals allow modest people, all over the world, to obtain a loan without going through a bank and thus be able to develop their business.

➡ The solidarity micro loan has allowed many to get out of a dead end. Project leaders most often manage to repay loans that have been made through microcredit.

➡ Solidarity, in this case, snowballs, and many lenders reinvest their money to support other pro projects. Solidarity is a strength, the success of micro-credit is proof of this.

3️⃣ Friendsclear: serious loan between individuals at no cost?

Unfortunately, Friendsclear no longer exists, and that's a shame for this crowdfunding site. For information, for the nostalgic, here is what he proposed.

A complete offer

On friendsclear.com, you filed your project to seek credit, and individuals chose those on which they wanted to invest. It was simple.

A credit between serious individuals for FICP was possible on friendsclear, since it was a site that financed professional projects, and not the money needs for individuals.

Friendsclear was affiliated with Crédit Agricole Pyrénées Gascogne

It was this bank that made the loan to the contractor designated by Internet users. Investors previously had to open an account at Crédit Agricole, and have fed it with a sum greater than that which they wished to invest.

Amount of the loan

The bank loan could go up to €25,000, and started at €3,000 for small projects. To present your project to friendsclear, it was better to be relevant in its description because you had to arouse envy among those who were going to read it.

Interest rate

How much did the loan between individuals cost? The rate was 8%, plus 4% commission on the total amount borrowed. They had to be paid as soon as the credit was obtained.

My opinion on Friendclear

➡ The return for individuals who invested in projects and loaned money to see them succeed was 4.50% over 3 years.

➡ It was a sum greater than the savings booklets but which did not benefit from the advantageous taxation of the booklet A or life insurance. Nevertheless, the idea of ​​advancing the professional world by his small contribution was an additional "remuneration".

➡ However, we could regret that there were not more projects that were posted on the site.

To conclude :

Credit between individuals must still develop in order to make everyone aware of this method of financing, which is different from that of conventional banks.

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